Identifying, designing, manufacturing and installing innovative electrical and electronic solutions tailored to the needs of our industrial customers and help them achieving three objectives: optimize the pace of production; reduce operating costs; and ensure a safe work environment.

Meglab serves a national and international clientele.


Meglab intends to achieve its mission and ambitions with the greatest respect for its core value and influential values underlying its overall action.

Core value

Pride: Making sure that our employees, partners and customers are proud of the line of products and services provided by Meglab is of prime importance. Pride is the driving force behind our long-term growth.

Influential values

The pride among our employees, partners and customers necessarily implies an assertion of the following influential values.

Customer focus: Our corporate culture is first and foremost oriented toward our customers, their needs and their satisfaction, but also focused on fulfillment of our commitments.

Innovation: Meglab builds on the experience, talent, and innovative genius of its team to create ideas and solutions that fully satisfy our customers and are adapted to their needs. Our innovation culture necessarily manifests in all the products, processes, services and technologies that we develop, propose and supply.

Quality: Meglab banks on the integrity and experience of its employees and supplies to develop products known for their outstanding quality and consistent performance.

Safety: Meglab advocates that work-related injuries and diseases can be prevented. When it comes to configuring a workspace, developing solutions or manufacturing products, Meglab factors in the risks inherent to the field of activities of the customer concerned so as to reduce them at source.

Integrity: The Meglab team demonstrates a thorough sense of integrity in their projects, for they want to deserve, earn and preserve the trust and respect of their customers, suppliers and partners.

Tenacity: Every successful solution that is adapted to specific needs is the outcome of a lengthy and time-consuming work process. That is why every shoulder to the wheel must show great tenacity.

Pleasure: The members of the Meglab team find fulfillment in their work, because they take pleasure in it. The work atmosphere is healthy, the tone of exchanges is respectful and wit and humor are omnipresent. Mutual support and teamwork are an integral part of our success.

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