Instrumentation and Control

Control of industrial equipment is key to optimization and continuous monitoring of processes.

There are many advantages to automation:

  • Enhancement of process efficiency and reliability;
  • Safer working conditions;
  • Reduction in environmental footprint resulting from significant energy savings;
  • Maximization of benefits.

Meglab’s team of engineers and technicians provides a full range of process control and instrumentation on a turnkey or custom-tailored basis. These services include engineering, conceptualization, programming, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and calibration.


Automation Projects

  • Functional description of the project as per customer objectives;
  • Design of tuning plans and process and instrumentation diagrams;
  • Design of control logic.

Process Instrumentation

  • Analysis of Customer objectives and process characteristics;
  • Selection of equipment in accordance with analysis results;
  • Installation and calibration of Equipment.

Process Control

  • Process modelling (identification and validation of mathematical models for process variables of interest for control purposes);
  • Design and implementation of the appropriate control strategy based on the desired performance (set objectives).

Advanced Control : When simple methods do not allow for the required performance, more advanced procedures must be implemented:

  • MPC: Multivariable Predictive Control is a method based on the process’s mathematical model, providing strong performance in processes with constraints.
  • Fuzzy Logic: Fuzzy control, a method based on rules obtained through empirical knowledge of the process, is used in cases where there is insufficient information for process modelling.
  • Hybrid Control: Control using more than one method simultaneously in the same loop (PID, advanced, decentralized, decoupled, cascade, and Smith control, among others).

Technical Support

  • Repairing automated systems;
  • Changing equipment;
  • Technical advice.

Security System

  • Alarm system management, priority management;
  • User management and control;
  • Alarms: via Internet or by telephone.