Meglab offers a one-stop shop for everything from initial consulting to final technical support. Thanks to its turnkey approach, whereby everything is handled under one roof, Meglab is able to support its customers from feasibility studies to project completion and operations. In brief, Meglab delivers the following services:

Consulting, engineering and design
With its experienced team of field technicians and qualified engineers, Meglab offers practical and profitable groundbreaking solutions, adapted to real-world needs. In every project, Meglab proves its ingenuity by maximizing overall industrial efficiency, improving safety and reducing costs.

Fabrication, installation and training
Specializing in customized manufacturing, Meglab installs the facility and provides the necessary training to make it efficient and safe to use.

Calibration, maintenance and technical support
Our technicians and electricians can calibrate and maintain the equipment. We offer onsite as well as remote technical support. Whatever the problem, Meglab responds quickly to the needs of its customers.

Repair and emergency support
With its vast industrial support experience, Meglab knows the importance of responding immediately when a problem occurs. The ready availability of its support teams and its massive inventory allow it to provide personalized troubleshooting and repair services.

All of Meglab’s activities have just one objective: to offer state-of-the-art integrated solutions for your industrial needs.

«Integration of a vast range of solutions»

Customer focus

  • Customized products
  • Turnkey services


  • Workers
  • Integrity of facilities


  • Industrial robustness
  • Reliability
  • Profitability


  • Involvement in the community
  • Energy reduction


  • Time-to-commissioning
  • Reduction in production stoppages


  • Inventions
  • Tailored R&D
  • Continuous product improvement