03 Oct 2018

Meglab announces a partnership with Hytera, a world leader in radio communications. This partnership allows Meglab to offer mining companies a robust LTE solution, primarily designed for industrial underground communications.

As a specialist in mining telecommunications, Meglab has been exploring for a while the various avenues to offer the LTE (Long-term evolution) communication protocol to its customers. We are very proud to announce that it is with Hytera that this solution is now possible.

Founded in 1993, this Chinese company Hytera stands out worldwide for the reliability and conviviality of its equipment and facilities. Hytera has provided wireless telecommunications for the Beijing Olympics, offshore oil rigs and the Hong Kong subway network, to name a few.

The mining industry faces a number of challenges and to overcome these challenges and continue to thrive, mining companies are turning to new technologies such as automation, remote operation and data analysis.

"We have been listening the needs of the industry, and new technologies are becoming more and more important to mining operations. By now adding LTE network to our communication solutions, businesses can focus on productivity, worker safety and environment. " -Louis Valade, president of Meglab

LTE for the mine of the future

In addition to radio and video communications, the LTE network will allow the processing of information related to the Internet of Things (IoT). Implementation of autonomous mining equipment, tele-operation and predictive maintenance will be facilitated. In addition, the data collected by the various sensors worn by workers will increase their health and safety.

As a world-renowned technology, LTE is also a precursor to the development of the 5G network. Companies operating on LTE today will be able to easily migrate to 5G as soon as the technology becomes available.

Convergence and Multi-modes

As a distributor-integrator and a Hytera partner, Meglab offers multi-mode radios. Reliable and robust, these devices enable DMR, LTE, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Tetra and Wi Fi communications.

The convergence of broadband and narrowband communications is one of Hytera's distinctive strengths in the market.

« Hytera is the only wireless communication manufacturer having both private LTE infrastructure and terminals. Based on more than 25 years experience in wireless communication industry, we develop the LTE product which is narrow band and wide band convergence for customers growing communicationrequirement satisfactions and narrow band product investment protection. We are glad to declare that our LTE product is mature for relevant industries, specially for mining. It is our great honour to cooperate with Meglab to bring the latest technology and product innovation in mining industry and make the amazing happens. » -Bob Yan, vice-president, Hytera Canada

IMAGINE interoperability

The LTE solution is now available at Meglab and no need to worry about systems compatibility since all equipment and systems designed by Meglab can be operated on the LTE network. This is notably the case of the IMAGINE system, the mining operations management platform developed by Meglab.

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