The ContiScan: Continuous rope monitoring system for mine hoisting

12 Mar 2013

Val-d’Or, March 7, 2013. The ContiScanTM, the continuous monitoring system for mine hoist ropes, is set to hit the market in early 2013. This new technology developed by CanmetMINING, a division of Natural Resources Canada, in close collaboration with a consortium of companies and organizations providing technical and financial support, has met with success the following major planned capabilities of the ContiScan :

  • Real-time and normal speed detection of all the critical parameters that ensure the analysis of the hoisting ropes’ integrity in conformance with current regulations
  • Better follow-up on the evolving condition of the hoisting ropes (better maintenance planning and ropes retirement)
  • Reduction of production shutdowns for inspection, which increases the productivity of the operation
  • Optimization of the hoisting ropes effective life
  • Provide the possibility to takes advantage of Quebec regulations, article 288.1, which in certain circumstances allows a safety factor at the conveyance attachment of less than 5.0 (minimum 4.0) , and thus allows the payload ore and/or waste material to be increased

A marketing license was signed in late 2012 between the owner of this technology, CanmetMINING of Natural Resources Canada, and the Val-d’Or company Meglab.

About Meglab:
Meglab, a designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical equipment, as well as instrumentation and control systems, is an outstanding engineering service partner also offering installation, training and after-sales customer support services.

Our competent professionals come up with custom solutions and deliver turnkey projects to optimize the development and operation of plants, underground mines and open pit mines.

The following partners have supported the development of this novel instrumentation: the Quebec Ministry of Financial and Economic Affairs, Iamgold (Westwood Mine), CanmetMINES of Natural Resources Canada, Meglab, SOREDEM, Agnico-Eagle Mines and the MISA Group.