Smart Junction Box (JB) - Underground mine, Canada's mid-North - 2013

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During shaft boring or the expansion of ramps, roadways or sub-levels in the mining world, electricity is used to power fans, pumps and portable equipment for an indeterminate period. Temporary installations are therefore often used, consequently leading to frequent shutdowns when distribution is rearranged. At those times, power is interrupted not only to that specific location but in some cases to the entire sector and even further afield.

The Smart Junction Box (JB) can supply power to one level of an electrical substation and can be used to power a down-range station without interruption. The unit is a cost-effective, fast and safe replacement for the junction box.

  • The unit has many advantages:
  • Compact size requiring less space, excavation and infrastructure;
  • Portable modules that can move with work sites;
  • Fast connection (Plug and Work!);
  • Optional remote switching;
  • Quick assembly requiring fewer personnel;
  • Minimized Arc Flash.