ContiScanTM is an electromagnetic, continuous surveillance system for monitoring mine hoist cables. Installed at the sheave wheel of the headframe, the cable travels through it continuously. This innovative system permits the following applications:

  • Real-time and normal speed detection of all the critical parameters that ensure the analysis of the hoisting ropes’ integrity in conformance with current regulations
  • Better follow-up on the evolving condition of the hoisting ropes (better maintenance planning and ropes retirement)
  • Reduction of production shutdowns for inspection, which increases the productivity of the operation
  • Optimization of the hoisting ropes effective life
  • Provide the possibility to takes advantage of Quebec regulations, article 288.1, which in certain circumstances allows a safety factor at the conveyance attachment of less than 5.0 (minimum 4.0) , and thus allows  the payload  ore and/or waste  material to be increased 

Pamphlet : Meglab | ContiScan

ContiScan presentation at the World Mining Congress 2013 : ContiScan Presentation

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