Electrical substations / Mine Power Centers

The innovative design of Meglab’s Mine Power Centers has made the company’s reputation. Tailored to suit voltage and amperage requirements, they are compact and portable to minimize excavation and installation costs.

25-46 kV substations
Used as power inputs for various types of industrial projects or as a power source for open-pit mines, our 25-46 kV substations truly stand out from traditional models:

  • No switch house !
  • Transportable by road
  • Weatherproof controls
  • Less or no above-ground lines

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Meglab | 25kV Mine Power Center | Substation


YellowSub is a prefabricated customized substation. Its design makes it easily transportable to the site. Incorporating all the necessary electrical equipment, this substation also offers the possibility of adding equipment such as controllers (PLC, triggers, MicroData®), a communication base, a fire suppression system or a surveillance system with displays.

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 Meglab | E-House Mine Power Center | Substation


The YellowCubeTM substation is the most compact of Meglab’s substations. Robust and easily movable, it can power portable equipment, fans, pumps, lighting and other electrical devices.

Meglab | 5kV Mine Power Center | Substation