MicroData® is a two-way wireless data transfer system. It allows for real-time control of a wide range of equipment from the operator interface on the surface, for example, for controlling doors and starting/stopping fans and pumps as needed. Control of power-hungry equipment creates major savings. Combined with dynamic referencing and ventilation on demand (VOD) systems, MicroData® permits even more savings.

A panoply of instruments can be connected to MicroData® including detectors, airflow sensors, water level sensors, and ore and slag sensors. By reading these instruments continuously, problems can be anticipated and the necessary preventive maintenance targeted. Power consumption and loads on the controls can also be monitored.

Associated custom functions can also be developed to give you a solution that perfectly addresses your challenges. This is the case, for example, with remote ordering of slag, used underground to order a specific slag recipe from the plant.  

Pamphlet : Meglab | MicroData