Tracking and ventilation on demand (VOD)

Natural gas sensors installed underground and connected to the communication system allow for real-time monitoring of air conditions from screens installed at control desks (offices) or at the mine entrance (at the mine shaft or at the ramp portal).

Meglab’s data transmission system also allows ventilation to be controlled remotely from the surface using stop/start and airflow feedback.

With the help of its partners, Meglab goes further with solutions such as the optimization of air distribution, dynamic real-time monitoring and ventilation on demand (VOD).

Its air optimization system maximizes pollutant dilution by tracking real-time air supply needs. Moreover, every worker and piece of rolling stock carries a transmitter that allows it to be dynamically tracked so they can be located underground via receivers distributed throughout the galleries and shafts. An on-demand ventilation system fully automates the start/stop and airflow functions of the fans. They start and stop and deliver the required amount of air depending on how many workers and how much diesel equipment is working in the galleries and shafts.

These solutions greatly improve the mine’s energy efficiency as well as worker safety.

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